A challenge to Stock_Trad3r

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  1. This is a simple challenge in response to this post.

    "UP again..wow you can't stop it . Up 15% in just 24 hours of trading.

    Oil 39.32 1.61 4.27

    Oil to $200..within two year"

    The challenge is simple, put your money where your mouth is, unless of course you're trading with a paper account. I will bet you that within two years oil will not be at $200, the money for the bet will be held in escrow, minimum for the bet $1000, maximum $100,000 -- come on, you seem convinced, almost as convinced I am that you are wrong.

    BET ME!!! Are you scared or do you just have no money?

    Bring it
  2. You are wasting your time even writing to that psycho troll.
  3. I'll even bet it won't hit $150, c'mon .. back your words up
  4. What makes you think he would pay up?

    He already welshed once when he promised to leave if we hit a bear market. That bet payment was as simple as changing a username, no way would he pay up actual $$ if he lost a bet...not that he would have any left anyway after the way he sees the market.
  5. Because the $ for the bet for both of us would be held in escrow and only released to the winner, the bet would not commence until the account is funded
  6. Seeing as how he knows he is full of shit and would never pay up, I don't see him agreeing to escrow in the first place.

    Hang it up man, turd3r is a psycho troll and you are better off staying away.
  7. I agree with all the responses so far, I obviously don't expect him to back up his words with anything but monopoly money, but I might as well try, and if he's unwilling to take the bet, then at very least we know what we already know: He does not actually trade and he knows nothing.
  8. S2007S


    I honestly think it wont even touch $100 over the next 2 years....

    $200 in 2 years, I highly doubt it, oil may never see $200...
  9. xednise


    I disagree, I know people that know absolutely nothing and they're right more than he is. You give him too much credit. LOL
  10. You can't say it will never hit $200, we have no idea what will happen in the future, but I definitely agree with you that we probably won't even see $100 in 2 years... that's why I want to take this bet so badly... $200 by 2011? I'll bet whatever he wants that it doesn't happen
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