A challenge to Brian Shannon's results

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Port1385, Dec 22, 2008.

Should Shannon provide account statements before we buy his books or give him any$$?

  1. Yes, Brian should provide statements to prove his performance in order to prevent fraud.

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  2. No, we should pay for Brian's analysis blindly.

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  1. Brian Shannon continuely posts up videos of technical analysis, but where are the account statements. Where are the results?

    Shannon refuses to provide his performance to us yet wants us to buy his books, click on ads, donate money and pay to hear him lecture.

    Why should I give my money to someone who shows no results? Come on Shannon, lets see the results!
  2. tman


    I enjoy Brian's narrative. I don't pay him though. I'm not really concerned about his results.
    I could see this coming when he decided to collaborate with Tim Sykes.
  3. I think we may all agree he is a good speaker, has "nice" stuff about the markets (moving averages, vwap, 5 day moving average, etc...)....and may be a really nice guy. i'm sure he works hard and it book is likely well written. same stuff for TIM.

    I just REALLY think our pet peeve is not showing audited results.

    There is soo much stuff out there trying to be sold, and it is hard to see hopeful traders buy it blindly and just hope.

    The T in TIM stands for TRANSPARENCY and he lives for results, and they are selling this seminar on that they BOTH make money. Well, please just show us results.

    We aren't really questioning TIM's results...and he knows how important that is.

    With a billion indicators, we just want to know that it makes sense to learn one way to look at the market BECAUSE the teacher got it to WORK (MAKE MONEY OVER TIME).

    this is why peter lynch's books sold very well.
  4. yep I enjoy his videos also, I would pay Brian Shannon for his time before Timmay. Who says you have to attend the seminar?