A challenge to any day trader

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Bear Trader, Feb 3, 2012.

  1. As a swing/position trader I would destroy any day trader on this forum. $10k mininum any market of your choice. Oh and I would even make it fun and and easy for you guys I would only trade one directional - just Short selling.

    We post our live trades and accounts.

    Come out and play suckers :D
  2. Why not start a journal in the journal forum and post real time calls?
  3. For a moment there I thought your username was "Beer Trader". Now that's a trade I could enjoy. :D
  4. NoDoji


    Hey Yogi, I think Boo Boo's holding a swing short on the ES from 1199, now looking for day traders' calls to get him out of the heat...

    :D :p :D
  5. My journals are would be boring. Who wants to follow a journal that only has 2 trades a month. But it would be fun watching me hand a beating to day traders :D

    I dont think they would ever out perform me :p
  6. Is that you Andy Dufresne? ''My friends could use a couple of beers.''

  7. :D

    You wish! Hows life struggling as a day trader these days? :p
  8. There will always be someone with a bigger wee wee than you so there is no point in comparing. Whether comparing intrahour, intraday, intraweek, intramonth, or intra year trading. There will always be someone bigger and better.
  9. .... and it sounds like the OP is overcompensating just a bit. We all know what overcompensating indicates, don't we? :D