A call for Monitor Recommendations

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by TGregg, Jan 23, 2003.

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    Thanks for the link, Alice. I don't understand why some of the specs don't match between the two. For example:

    Dell's weight is 15.4#, while Samsung says 13.0# (or 18.5# packed)

    Dell's Height is 17.18" while Samsung says 17.7"

    Dell has Energy Star compliance while Samsung does not appear to have it

    Dell also seems to be TCO99 while Samsung is TCO95

    Dell's draw 40 watts max, while the Samsung draws 41

    These are all pretty minor points, but it does suggest that they are not the same monitor. Why do you think they are?
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    Yes you are right. They seem like minor points but they may be diff monitors with differing image quality. The support stands are the same but apparently samsung manufactured a specific dell version. Image quality is probably comparable but you never know.
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    The mystery is solved:)
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    They come with a digital INTERFACE and cables for standard connections. However, since I use the Matrox G200 QUADS, and the connection on the G200 is proprietary, therefore I have to use Matrox cables (extra cost.)

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    Thanks Nitro.

    So far, it looks like I'll be pricematching at Best Buy to get these monitors. Man, the hardest part about being a pro is the business end of daytrading. How much to invest when in your business is a pain in the butt! Should I upgrade my monitors or chair or computers? Should I get another broadband line? Maybe a bigger UPS? Maybe one of those swell generators that run on natural gas. And then, once you decide where to put more money into your business, you have to pick a specific product and vendor! Trading is a lot easier :D.
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    Good monitors and chair is a must. I have a Hermal Miller Areon chair and I can't tell you how much difference it has made.

    As far as clear sharp monitors, well, I used to get headaches all the time about 2 - 3 hours into the day. Now, I can watch them all day long.

    I have two DSL lines, I know what you mean. I also have two UPS's, both Tripp Lite's.

    I have not talked about the added cost of OpenBook, and TS6, Squawks, etc. Trading costs a fortune.

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  9. Ditto.

    Nothing is more important in Trading than having Good eyesight, I used to have Trinitron 19" very nice, but too hard on the eyes. With my Samsungs my eyes never get tired, no more headaces, etc...

    I also have the Herman Miller Aeron chair, I paid $200 used thru an office furniture store that sells used furniture. Enron had 100's of these, they were selling at auction for $5.00 (five) :eek:

    No more tired thighs, back, neck, etc... http://www.hermanmiller4less.com/
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    I just got the PostureFit attachment for the Aeron chair. It really is a big improvement over the lumbar pad.



    The attachment is going for $90.00... but I was able to get for $81.00 (10% off) plus free shipping from this dealer...


    I recommend the upgrade.

    -- Z
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