A call for Monitor Recommendations

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by TGregg, Jan 23, 2003.

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  2. Good point...
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    Yes, that is my setup, except add two Samsungs and one el-cheapo 15" to the mix (one more of the same pictured on the left on the first link above.)

    I am selling my Phillips cheap to friends and replacing them with 191T's. One down, three to go...

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    Since someone recommended Dell, thought I would mention that their 18" LCD is 25% off today only with free shipping = $487. According to the email I received you can take an additional 5% off that price today as well. Haven't used it but specs look good for the price.

    LCD's I like, both about $550 and probably somewhat better than the Dell: the Viewsonic VG800 an 18.1 incher with 600/1 contrast ratio, and the Samsung 172T and B, updates to the 171 series that are NICE...supposedly there is a 192 update to the 191 in the works.

    CRT wise, I have always had good luck with Optiquest monitors, owned by Viewsonic and recipients of top value honors for years.
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    I have a friend that is a network admin and he just bought the 191 from Dell (their branded version) for around $600. He buys a lot from them, so I'm sure he got a discount, but the rep told him that Dell was discontinuing that model and that was why they were selling them so cheap. So that may be the best place to look for them while they still have them. This is all second hand info, so take it for what its worth.
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    Thanks a ton for all the advice and comments y'all have presented. I had a homerun day in the markets, and I'm getting the Samsungs. Now, where can I get a stand like this:


    for a decent price? TriKinetic's website is not up yet :(
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    Congrats Greg. What are you getting ...191s??
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  9. lcdarms.com/financial.html
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