A call for Monitor Recommendations

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by TGregg, Jan 23, 2003.

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    So I'm planning on buying 4 more CRTs when ES hits my exit price of zero :D. I like the Sony Trinitron tubes, and don't even notice those two lines, so I'd like to stay with that tube. 21 inch monitors capable of at least 1920x1440x60 Hz. Anybody have any advice?

    Also, anybody had experiences with refurbs? I might just go that way, with the thought of switching to LCD in a year or two. . .

    BTW:I sure do like all the help I get here :D.
  2. why crts?
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    Mostly due to cost. I invest my trading profits to buy trading stuff, and I'm still starting out - plan to spend between 2 and 3 grand on my additional monitors and g450s.
  4. ok. i think sony trinitrons are over rated. you'll see what i mean if you look around the web and read some of the reviews. fuzzy text, poor pic quality compared to some others.

    here is one hell of a monitor, and you will not beat the price. i own four of these for several years now, great clear text and graphics. i would put this up against a trinitron any day.

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    OK, now am also considering 6 LCDs. Where does one get one of those swell stands like Tony Oz has?
  6. www.ergotron.com for some nice arms...look around on the site....for some good buys on LCD's check out www.tigerdirect.com

    i've been looking too...seems like every month the price goes down....so far I like models from Samsung and Mitsubishi..go to yourlocal Bestbuy or CompUSA to see the pic quality in person.
  7. My vote for CRT's is defintely Viewsonic. The new A__+ series is incredible. There several different sizes available. Bright sharp sharp pics. There are also $50.00 rebates available from the company right now. They expire at the end of this month.

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    Or, I could go with 8 15" monitors, since they are about $200 a crack. Plus 3 G450s at about $100 for a total upgrade cost of around $1900 before s&h. Plus a stand. I suppose the economy of scale doesn't work well for those, so they cost plenty. . .
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