A Bull in China: Investing Profitably in the World's Greatest Market

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    Since now I am in the book business, I have ran across Jim Rogers in the finance writers watering hole.....
    He wrote a piece on investing in china (a bull in china) and one for his kids. You can see it all on Amazon...

    "For a book whose the back-cover screams "Indiana Jones of Investing", the author thankfully sets realistic expectations in the introduction chapter and adopts a sane tone (different from the cheerleader hysteria or end of the world tone adopted by most investing books). Rogers starts off by saying that "this is not a catalog of hot tips or even recommendations", but a "survey of happenings" in China. The reader is well served with that approach. He also re-iterates his oft stated opinion - short the dollar, long commodities, and learn Chinese! "

    I guess jim is bullish on china or wants to prop up his holding with a book?