A bug in IB WebTrader needs to be fixed

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by hajimow, Jun 8, 2005.

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    I use IB WebTrader for my trading at work as I can not use TWS at work. Today, after the hours I put an order to cover my short potion and I realized that my bid price and even lower than that were traded but my order was still open. I called up IB and asked the reason and they told me that my order is good for regular hours and not after hours and it will be open the next day and I asked them how I can change it that the response was " That is impossible with IB WebTrader". I had some cases before that I entered my order during regular hours with webTrader and it was executed after the hours so I think that it is a new restriction added to WebTrader that does not make sense. At least WebTrader user should have the option of choosing the time in force for his orders as he can do it through TWS. I am sure an IB representative will read this thread and the problem will be fixed promptly.
  2. Are you able to modify the order via TWS?
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    Yes when I realized that my order entered by IB WebTrader will not go through, I came home and I was able to modify the order through TWS for after the hours and that worked fine but as I said the only problem that I had was through IB WebTrader and as far I remember, I did not have that problem a while ago and it seems that the modification on IB WebTrader has caused that bug and I believe the user should be able to put his order throgh WebTrader for after the hours.
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    We just released a new webtrader. Now you can choose if it is RTH order or not. This is a new functionality. By default, any order will be RTH only. If you submitted the order as RTH, you will not be able to modify this flag on webtrader.
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    Perfect. I was sure that IB will fix this problem but that was so fast. Thanks. IB really rocks.:)