A brief TA lesson for daytraders

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  1. In the open look for signs of large holders dumping.

    If you see a large red candle that forms within the first 15 minutes of trading that erases most of the stocks earlier gains or puts it in the red, short it. The stock will likely go down even lower as the large holder liquidates more stock.

    For example a large red candle that forms at 9:32 is bearish. It doesn't matter if the market is in the red or not or if the candle volume is a lot or only average. This means a large holder is unloading at the open and he probably isn't done yet. This method only works on stocks that have medium volume. Typically 300K volume or less where a single large holder or holders can affect the price noticibly.

    Although I don't daytrade I have seen this set up so many tmie I though I would point it out.
  2. Thanks for the tip!
  3. Thank you for the tip. This setup has about 60~65% success rate based on back testing. Taking into consideration the slippage, noise in the price movement, and the commission, this is a break even setup as is. But with fine tuning, such as trading with the broad market or the underlying sector, this approach can lead to a profitable strategy.
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    ats: what setup did you backtest this with? I'm using amibroker now and am interesting in backtesting some intraday ideas, but I haven't found a good source of a intraday data for amibroker that goes back for many years.
  5. I create my own routine in Matlab. It's more flexible. I don't backtest for more for than a year yet. Opentick is the next thing I will try to get more historical data.
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