A Brand New Day Trader

Discussion in 'Journals' started by praisehim, Jun 9, 2007.

  1. praisehim


    Good afternoon to all. As the thread title implys I will be brand new to day trading as soon as I graduate from high school in 3 weeks.

    I am only 17, but I have a vast array of knowledge in trading mostly stocks. Since I have created an avenue for continuous cash flow into my kitty, I have decided to begin day trading for a year, until I believe that I am ready to make the decision to stick with trading as a career, or use it part time as I head off to college next year.

    It is because of this that I come to this forum asking for any advice at what I should and should not do as a novice day trader.

    Believe me when i say that all the suggestions and tips that you provide I truly appreciate.

    Let the typing begin!
  2. another kid :D i graduated 20 days ago
  3. My advice! Do some more rounds with your G.F before becoming a daytrader
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  5. what are you planning to daytrade
  6. When I started I had all the skills, tools, but lacked enough capital to stay in the game.

    My advice to you is a) make sure you have access to LIVE quotes. b) don't waste time with individual stocks, instead trade their options. c) study bollinger bands, william % r, and stochaistics like hell.
  7. I dont know,

    I am only 18..just like that kid...LMAO...I day trade and do ok for my self...you know the college bills...

    My hat is tipped towards you man good luck and dont listen to this guys.....in this business everyone wants to get an edge on you....mental edge is the first way to do it....you know its a zero sum game after all.

    Good luck to you all for that matter.