A boring market

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  1. Not much happeneing since that big selloff on nov 30th and the second selloff 3 weeks ago. Flat trading on most the major indicies.

    Patience will be rewarded in 52 week highs in a couple months if your a longer term trader.

    Earnings season causing market to stagnate, but this is not bearish.

    Also GOOG will be reporting on Wed Jan 31st after the close. Should give tech a much needed lift should it beat the estimates (as I expect it will).

    Good luck
  2. mclellan oscillator minor change today + eom window dressing + T day theory = HOD CLOSE ON TUESDAY...

    I love no risk markets $$$
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    Pre- econ news and pre-FOMC with the market's spooked by the real threat of more Fed raises I don't think we'll see much movement tommorrow other than rotation around the open.So if a move occurs after consumer confidence fade it into the afternoon

    Just a thought
  4. hope the wed and fri events will give us some action.
  5. You want action?... ER2 ;)
  6. It's just a waste of time watching the monitors these days, I just go long on dips and at the end of the week we will be in the green anyways.

    Feels good having 100% up room to go from here in the indexes :D
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  8. I love this market!!

    no downside risk
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    Puny short squeeze....

    EqtTrdr do we close on HOD?
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    new highs this week for the dow and nasdaq....looking to unload my QLD at 86.50+++ Come on bulls push this market higher. :D
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