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Discussion in 'Trading' started by newbie, Feb 4, 2002.

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    I just found a pretty cool bond trading website at www.ontheclose.com It is run by Miles Dunbar who I think used to work with Larry Williams. I like the way he tests new rules everyday to generate the next day's trading ideas. On the website he shows that he took a $25,000 account and turned it into over $400,000 last year. I don't agree with the money management rules of risking 20% of the account on each trade. This is the same method Larry Williams teaches in his book Day Trade Futures Online. I just finished my one month trial and it went pretty well. I only paper traded the calls. Take a look if there are any bond traders out there.

    P.S.- This now means I work for powertradesignals.com ontheclose.com informedtrader.net/home.asp hardrightedge.com thesystemtrader.com RealityTrader.com and OmniTrader because I have mentioned all of them!!!!

  2. How did it perform?
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    It peformed well..... the current trade we are in is short so we are losing on it now.... but overall- it wasn't bad. He had a rough end of year last year when the bond market got real volatile I think because he uses a set dollar stop. I think if he used more of a pivot or S/R stop- it may have done better. Well worth the $99 bucks though for the information on system testing that I learned along with the signals that he generated. Try it for a month to see what I'm talking about. It's pretty cool. Im gonna sign up again for another month and paper trade 1 more time.
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    Where are you currently short from?