A Black Man In The White House?... WHEN PIGS FLY!

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  1. And sure enough. 100 days into the Obama administration, "swine flu".
  2. Welcome back Gnome!!! :D :D :D

    You are so pathetically obvious, one really has to question just how truly narcissistic and insecure you are.
  3. That joke is already older than my granddads buckskin rubber!
  4. He is mostly white and arab. Check the 9/11 hijackers. Obama looks just like them.

  6. Obama hijacked the white house. :mad:
  7. Because the GOP had an elderly candidate that only appeals to the typical Faux News viewer who is 63.9 years old according to Nielson.

    Add to that, they picked a PTA Mom who can "see Russia from her window".

    Sounds like a "winning" strategy to me!

  8. Yeah, that Air Force One deal was a practice run.
  9. And who did Obama appeal to? Poor, black, mexican. old grannies, homosexual, white women with a "I wish I had that black man inside me" wish, young politically uneducated kids and others who can't see straight. And of course the women who like to get pregnant 18 times a year and then kill their unborn child. Let's not forget the atheists and muslims. And the cubans of course. How about the welfare people looking for a handout? And of course the people who want the government to be "Big Daddy and Mommy". Plenty more I am sure. And Obama will cater to them so he can win the next election too.

    Maybe the Republicans will come up with a female candidate who's father was born in the hills of Peru, who met a black woman in Alabama who just got off welfare. American's would love that one. Female, gay, and a hispanic/black lesbian with a small touch of Irish and Native American. And a former drug addict that still is hooked on nicotine. They will have to make sure she only has 2 years experience being a senator and is a community organizer! That's important! How about instead of "Hope and Change" they go with "Love Thy Neighbor and Panhandle for Change"! Yes, that's it!

    What do you think? :D
  10. I don't see how that's funny, she would actually get voted into office, america is a big joke anyways, and americans are really stupid, not that the people of other countries are smart, they are all stupid as well, but americans are the stupidest
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