A bit of nostalgia - Opening day CBOE 1973

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    Someone($Mat) should organize a Pit Trader fantasy camp, have some of the old time pit trading legends speak, handout coats and badges, mock trade between your friends.
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  2. If you want to come to Chicago both CBOE and CME do mock trading sessions attached to either their own or member firm classes.
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    Thanks for the offer.
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  4. Youtube has a video of Jim Bittman leading a CBOE mock trading.

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  5. The second trading floor. If you know any CBOE old timers have them tell you about the fire on the first trading floor. I'm sworn to secrecy. When CBOE built it's own building the O'Conner Partnership moved in and later CTC before they moved to 440.
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    The second trading floor.jpg recy.
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  6. groundbreaking.jpg
    Groundbreaking for the CBOE building. Up until the new building they were in space in the CBOT building.

    The front row is from the left is Steve Givot and Larry Blum CBOE board members. Wally Auch the chairman, Chuck Henry the president and in the hardhat Dick DuFour who ran the building project and then strategic planning. I will dig up one of my hardhats and post a picture in the next couple of days. This was more ceremonial - as you can see the demolition has already occurred. CBOE was built on the site of the former Penn Central station. As I recall the site was acquired from the Penn Central bankruptcy. The building behind them is the south side of the CBOT.
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    An actual matched pair.
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  8. AOL Pit. Gives you a sense as to how things change. AOL Crowd 1999.jpg
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  9. 1980 IBM Pit.jpg
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