A bit of nostalgia - Opening day CBOE 1973

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  1. "Do you have a picture of yourself on the trading floor?"

    Yes and it's a creepy request. I was not a MM - I was an exchange exec.
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  2. What about Amsterdam? Red district, coffee shops, why not go there? (On the other hand I don't see it on the list here: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Financial_centre ).
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    If it offended you, my apology.

    I thought it was like asking for a picture of a public figure, i.e., the CEO of the exchange, or asking for Warren Buffett's picture and forgot ET is an anonymous forum.

    Best wishes.
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    1995 Mullet + rubber-band = 2018 ponytail

    All those CRT screens... people running around screaming all day... it had to get hot in the summer. Must have had some wicked A/C.
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  6. The day dynamic hedging almost ended the world. Black Monday 1987.jpg
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    Nice to see AMD is up $0.75 since then. :D
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  8. c-Beursplein-5-Beursvloer_0[1].jpg

    If you are going to mention Amsterdam you should say that it was the first options exchange opened in Europe on April 4 1978 and they were waaaaay ahead of anyone else.
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  9. You might also want to look at there tax structure for successful traders. You'll get a sense as to why they opened US outposts.
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    They were... not anymore ;)

    You can rent offices at the old exchange, pretty cool building to work in... the floor is still used by a few firms and you can still go on the balconies around the floor.
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