A bit cliche, but reflect on this...

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  1. "The darkest hour of a man comes when he tries to take something without having earned it."

    ~ Unknown.

    Does this ring true for you?
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  3. You cannot give something you don't have. Parallel thought that came to mind...
  4. Not for me.
  5. I'd be more inclined to think:

    The darkest hour of a man comes when he has given up all hope.
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    it's always darkest just before it goes completely black...
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    At first glance your post comes off seemingly flippant – hell I actually dismissed it and was thinking about posting a smartass comment….. Just goes to show how ignorant I still am at times….

    But then something clicked….

    Without having earned it…..

    Who is to say if a we have earned it (or iow “deserve it”)

    Society…, the government…, friends or family maybe….. No – only WE can decide if WE have earned / deserve it…..


    I wonder how many have failed at trading – just because they never truly came to believed they earned/ deserved it

    I wonder how many are struggling right now – just because they truly don’t believe they earned/ deserve it

    Trading is so simple, click a button – place trade, click another button – exit for a gain or acceptable loss…

    Wash, rinse, repeat……

    More money can be made in 5 minutes than some make in a week/ a month, even longer…


    I could take my thoughts about this in a myriad of ways but I’ll choose not to

    I pefer to stop here and hope this may provide someone struggling some food for thought – as….

    Only you can decide if you’ve truly earned it

    Good thread GL and apologies for my initial short sightedness
  8. From my experience in interaction with others. It is rather opposite. I live with my own means and often being taken advantage of. I found the most successful ones in U.S. corporations are the ones capable of "people skills" and manipulating others to their advantage.

    Traders are the one living by their own means.
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    And, "If this is all there is, I'm very dissappointed."

  10. This was one of my favorite quotes back in my younger days. I interpreted it to mean, "your darkest hour" was when you decide to scam somebody or plan a robbery or sitting around with a bunch of fellow drunks how how to beat the system.

    Well, these plans and schemes weren't going to be a path I would ever take, hence I never knew the darkest hour. I always tried to think of a better way to get where I wanted to go by earning it.

    I thought of people I could trust and ask for help, "friends" to help me avoid the "darkest hour".


    Redneck, good thinking. I can understand where you're coming from with the line of thought. Different than mine.... both make sense.
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