A bigger scam than Wall St

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  1. Doctors
  2. guess we have a lot of doctors in the house
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    I'd love to kick your little arse you little sHmack!A worm would be wiser then you!How dare you talk like that about doctors!?
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    General practitioners, abso-fucking-lutely. Anybody with the time to read the manuals can do the job. Access to lab equipment and testing is the kicker though. We need them for shit like strep tests...etc.

    Specialists, I disagree. They are the life savers.
  5. Just went to an ear doctor and for a hearing test and about 15 minutes of his valuable time got banged for 350.

    And they demand cash up front before any service.

    Its a fucking scam. Not saying they dont perform a service, but they make at least double what they are worth.

    Maybe they get less from insured, but cash customers get ass fucked.
  6. Without insurance, the doctor or hospital can charge you whatever they want. With insurance, the doctor or hospital gets the allowed rate for the procedure by the insurance company. That is one of the advantages of having insurance.
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    Why aren`t there more doctors, a bigger supply if the pay is so good?
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    You can train a San Diego Zoo monkey to do 90% of what a doctor does.
    The medical cartel is in control in the USA.
  9. I'll call bullshit on that. The cost of health insurance is not health, it's insurance.

    Insurance is the greatest fraud ever perpetuated upon mankind. Who is the richest man in America except for the coke head who ran through Silicon Valley stealing everything? It's Warren Buffet who makes his biggest money by selling insurance and re-insurance.

    As an American you are fucked because all of these insurance companies are in the pockets of the legislators. They pass more and more laws requiring more and more insurance. From Allstate to GEICO and every other one of them, they're all cooking the books and bribing politicians to allow them to increase rates and reduce coverage limits.

    A solution is to have not-for-profit insurance cooperatives where unused premiums are either rebated to policy purchasers or credited towards future policy premiums at the option of the policy holder.

    The way it works today is Allstate launders all the money by purchasing apartment complexes, etc. and saying they lost money that year and they need to keep raising rates; the bribed politicians give them everything they want.
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    Hmmm...I'd say it's the IRS.
    But, the profit factor shouldn't be in play in the health care of a nation.
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