A big thank you...

Discussion in 'Forex' started by Ivanovich, Oct 20, 2005.

  1. ...to all those who continue to short USD/CAD and brought it down to .1715 just so I could buy and then sell it later around .1780.

    Please, continue listening to all those Loonie hounds.


  2. While we're at it, a big shout out to the fund whose 9-figure stop-limit order marked the recent low in the euro. :)
  3. cable


    Sure, rub it in.
  4. Now, if you had half a decent system then this would not have happened....

    That the trend gets in doubt and potentially may turn around was loud and clearly broadcasted over the past two weeks.

    And to your earlier request for more information on my system: the answer is attached.

    Have a nice day.

  5. OfmY


    Come on, Ivan)

    USDCAD fell down because of rate hikes, it couldn't have not gone down...at least for a figure....then US oil crude stocks supply - suprice big up...and what we couldn't notice for sure that oil become less than 60.

    CA CPI is coming on next tuesday...with wilma decision to go directly to golf of mexico (what have little chance) you'd have probably another chance) and fed will help you.
  6. I don't need help from the FED doing fine without 'em. Another 100 pips today on going long at the bottom of the channel.
  7. cable


    Sad, sad, angry little man. You don't know anything about me. My system is quite good -- but it should be, I've probably been trading longer than you've been alive, judging from your immense and mindless gullibility (see below).
    You didn't understand my comment. I was JOKING. I'm not REALLY running a 9-figure hedge fund, forgive me for assuming that most ETers could figure that out without having it spelled out for them.
    Ooooh, nice dis. You're my hero. You found a picture and learned to paste. Good for you. The nurses at the special home must be so proud of you. I must admit, though, that the "have a nice day" after you insult me bit is getting a bit worn. You really need to work on some new material that hasn't been done to death by the ten million other impotent trolls on the internet.

    If I asked you for information (which I didn't), it was out of boredom, or more likely because I read your posts and figured you could use the help, not because I actually believed you could teach me anything.

    And who are you a sock puppet of, again? I'm guessing you're someone who has lost everyone's respect here and had to get a new account (one who's name has the very appropriate word ANAL in it).

    Oh, yeah, I almost forgot.

    Have a nice day.