A big thank you to 70,948 ET User names

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  1. I do not know how many people are represented by 70,948 user names on ET and nor do I care.

    However I just want to say a big thank you to all, as I find this site informative, amusing and very very useful.

    There is always someone bringing something to the table or prepared to supply an answer.

    The only caution that I do have is with the threads that relate to gentle and refined art of actual trading.

    These threads in general are a barrel of laughs as Posters confuse emotion with clarity of thought in their scramble to defend the indefensible.

    Perhaps in their enthusiasm to rediscover the wheel, they completely miss the point of trading which is to make lots and lots of money.

    However, trading aside, a big big thank you to all ( make that most) ET posters.
  2. Wouldn't it be weird to discover that there are only 6 actual people who post here every day?
  3. I can see that you think big Stevegee!
  4. virgin


    He is thinking realistically :p
  5. You're welcome.

    But I couldn't have done it alone. I want to thank all of the little people who have helped me achieve this greatness...
  6. AAAhhhhhhhhhhh the little people.

    Sometimes considered and always trodden upon.
    Where we we be without them.
  7. ET is a great gift, a free season pass to the zoo.
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  9. Yes, but thats only made possible by those attacking the defensible, that shouldn't be forgotten in the scenario, particularly given the sensibilities of those defending the indefensibility's sensibilities.

    Whilst theirs no divinity to the proclivity, to defend the insensibility,
    It confers an affinity for conformity, the basis of normality.

    While the enormity of the conformity, may not be extraordinary,
    there may be some divinities in the proclivities of the sensibilities,
    for the defenders of the indefensibility, dont rely on their abilities ,
    they rely on statistical probabilities, not emotional affinities, perhaps they dont care to use actual abilities, just ad-homonyms and similes.

  10. 70,948 of the world's best Paper Traders :D
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