a basic image editing software?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by dozu888, Mar 30, 2007.

  1. dozu888


    I am looking for a basic software to capture a chart screenprint and put lines / text on it.

    Windows Paint is ok, but seems I cannot adjust font size.

    thanks for your recommendation
  2. chartie


    click View > select Text Toolbar.
  3. gg12


  4. I second snagit. An outstanding program and worth the money.

    I've posted screen shots of my charts on other message boards using this tool. It's great for adding annotations like arrows, lines and text quickly.
  5. Steve - what this program does is incredible for 40 bucks. I get their email newsletter and this week learned that you can set up SnagIt to record a live presentation w/ audio that is streaming on the web! I couldn't believe it. I was actually trying to do that with Camtasia (which is 300 bucks) and couldn't get it to work. Meanwhile, the 40 dollar program did exactly what I needed...

    I have no affiliation with techsmith before the pundits come out, I just simply love this program and am incredibly satisfied with it. Anytime I see a post about editing images, esp useful in your trading business, I recommend this software immediately. I was also using Paint and what an incredibly awful program that is, esp after you see what SnagIt can do!
  6. Snag-It is good and I've had it for yaers...

    But I now use CaptureWiz all the time...
    Because it does a great job of VIDEO screen capture...
    So I can make quality clips of anything for YouTube.

  7. SOLID54




    It is basically a free photo shop clone. Not a simple program but easy to use and very powerful.
  8. Joab


    hypersnap is great imo
  9. Hound - see my reply to Steve and you will see that SnagIt does in fact record streaming video from the web, incl audio.


    There's a link to how to record video with audio.
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