A bad week

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  1. I took a big risk on friday. I bought A LOT of AAPL at 147 and took a paper loss. I still plan to stay long cause I foresee aapl will go to 170 and that this selloff is overdone. Why the big risk? Cause thats how money is made in the market.

    Atleast I didn't buy options a few weeks ago. That would have been a disaster.


    And go long on DIA or DDM

    And maybe buy some 2 month calls

    Good Luck

    Stock Trad3r
  2. HOLY SHIT a stock_trad3r post I had to jump on this. We were all wondering where you were LOL. If you're planning to hold might as well sell some OTM calls on your stock while you're at it
  3. I own no calls on anything.

    So much mayhem on friday & this week I decided to take a breather from the forums.
  4. You misunderstood me, I meant in a half-joking way you should sell calls against your stock positions (covered calls), because if you are going to do so much as to hold and pray, you might as well be getting paid to wait.
  5. I see, so when things are going ok you cheer like a little girl day in and day out and when the "mayhem" is too much its time for a breather from ET??

    I've said this before and I'll say it again, the market always punishes guys like you in the end. If you wear blinders, there is no way to see when you are wrong until its too late.
  6. azukar


    There is never any reason to take "big risks" as you say, and this is certainly not the way to make money in the markets. Perhaps once you trade real $ you will begin to understand this concept better.
  7. Good to see you back Trader! We missed you. Here's the latest on Apple...

    Up in Pre-Market trading to $145.51! Good Luck today!!

  8. Care to explain how a PAPER loss differs from a loss?

    Better yet, how 'bout how amateurs count their paper gains (often pounding their chests about it) but disregard their paper losses (when they're both essentially the same thing------------an unbooked move AWAY from a basis)?


    Big risk = greed. If YOU know it's "big", however that's defined, then that would seem to suggest a lack of self-discipline.

    All in all, I'd say you make a good ongoing case study in psychology. A specimen.
  9. A "bad week" means nothing. But being overly aggressive when facing adversity is close to risking self-destruction. The market doesn't care where you think it's headed. It will go whatever way hurts the most capital. If you're on the wrong side for too long you will be hurt very badly.

    I am not bearish at all, I am just opting for preservation of capital rather than trying to be "right" at all times.
  10. Down 5% from your entry point.

    Are you still holding this awful trade?
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