A bad trader never blames his tools

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by tenebre, Oct 2, 2009.

  1. tenebre


    You know that saying a bad carpenter never blames his tools.. well maybe its the same for trading?

    At the moment I only have a optionsxpress a/c which doesn't have a great deal in the way of charting stuff, but I like their virtual trading platform.

    For charts I just use about 10 stockcharts.com tabs in firefox and prophet.net for intraday and long term 10+ years so I can gloss over that.

    Stockcharts only lets you plot 3 indicators per chart and I use dailies so I need about 3 three-month charts and another 3-4 six month daily charts.

    Here's what I look for:

    Does the stock bounce off any of the moving averages more than three times (significant?)

    Is ULT o/s when Williams is o/s?

    Is slow stochastic oversold when the above is true?

    Is the stochastic nice and "smooth" i.e rounded and curved

    I only have a notebook and LCD tv that I use as a media centre but run firefox off aswell..

    Should I look into some paid tools like esnignal?

  2. You can get 4 indicators with Bigcharts.com.