a bad strategy?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by cashmoney69, May 10, 2007.

  1. If I'm bullish I place buy stops above previous highs. I dont

    want to get left behind, so thats why I do this. I dont have oco

    orders on my platform. I dont like buying when my stock is

    falling, but should I learn to do so?

  2. infooo


    I never go opposite of trend

    IF you decide to go opposite of trend, your stop loss would have to be real tight.

    some people buy dips, that can work but only in strong trends

    and despite what dip mongers would have everyone believe

    on a day like today, I would NOT consider that just a dip

    I am not in business of low probability trades
  3. infooo


    by the way one more thing which I think is extremely important

    you cash in particular have perfect opportunity to be a day trader

    you have the time and ......well as your name would say .....cash

    day trading can give you much more than swing trading.

    look at it this way, swinging is for old folks, you are young,

    young and day trading go together like MSG and chinese food.

    why don't you take a look at the so called price and volume rockets that Hershey also mentions etc.

    easy money there man

    I myself don't use that way, cause I think I am better :D

    but it really works for those who have nothing better
  4. Ummm, I think this is called, ummmm, aaaahh, aaa, oh yea, that's it... A breakout strategy!
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    why not, learn to spot when sellers run out of ammunitions and then the first group of buyers start rolling in, you would want to ride with them.
  6. my name is nothing more than a name. Sorry if it seemed deceving. I had a day trade in MA that failed..it was up 2pts then closed -.72 . I dont get indicators on my platform so trading w/ price only is going to take some getting used too. Plus I need the 25k minimum to trade retail....and yes i have the money, but its in others places :D .