A aPalin nitwit

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    listen carefully. I have to give the nitwit credit for putting up a good show.

    She'll be president in "8 years". Oh yeah right.
  2. So basically she is a nitwit because she was fooled by a prank caller and because she is optimistic about the campiagne and the future. Or is she a nitwit because liberals think people who are optimistic about their future are nitwits. I got it!
  3. Not much doubt she could sell igloos to Eskimos....

  4. "My wives great in bed and wrote a song for you: it's called: du rouge a lever sur une cochonne."

    It means "red lipstick on a piglet". "Cochonne" is also a slang term for slut.

  5. ok I was wrong.

    She is not a nit wit
  6. Good that you now recognize her as a Rhodes Scholar...

  7. She is a god damned Fucking Fool.

    That would be a better description of this Appalling imbecile.

    Someone please gag her the fuck up and ship her ass back to her igloo kitchen.

    She might be ok to rule over imbeciles in po-dunk alaska, but not the lower 48.

    She's a breeder and nothing more.

    She only appeals to scummy low lifes who think vote for her and they'll get a free roll in the sack.
  8. Wow you sure are critical. Funny how your critical about Palin and not critical about Obama. Sounds bias to the millionath degree which also sounds like the complete lack of thinking for only but one side. Thanks for a free example of stupidity.
  9. What is confusing is how Palin says in the radio interview she thinks America should look to France as good example for America. Palin also puts down Obama as a socialist and anti American. She does not see that France is farther to the left than Obama. She is dangerous and not informed. Her world is about Alaska, her religion, and what is best for her, not America as a country.
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    Well, she spoke without any preconditions. How about that? Lord love a duck.
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