A 5 point dip in consumer confidence is,t

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  1. a big deal

    from 54 to 49

    buy this dip

    the index tends to be volatile. Consumers have been gloomy for the past decade.

    We should end much higher later this week.
  2. wartrace


    Huge employment reports coming up & what might be some dismal earnings reports. I think I will pass on buying this dip.:)
  3. I cant remember the las time the market sold off hard on an unemployment report. 9/10 times it is either: benign and or inline.

    Those 150-300 point selloffs on employment data tend to be rare.
  4. I was waiting for the turd fade. Thanks buddy. 775 here we come.
    Consumers have been over confident for this entire decade actualy. Go get some facts.
  5. wartrace


    I'm looking forward to the earnings reports & guidance. Yes, unemployment numbers will be dismissed as being "bad but not as bad" or "Bad but could get better next month". Earnings can not be dismissed as easily.
  6. looks like we got nice support @ 8400 on the DJIA this 100 point selloff is peanuts..end green? maybe
  7. Yep, it's uncanny how good of a mkt timer he has been. I keep telling him he's got a gift just needs to apply it correctly

  8. Look who's back! Well at least your "predictions" haven't changed! Whats it like being dead wrong in everything you do finance wise?
  9. Turdball the ultimate fade is a phenom...

    ...a phenom, I tell ya'.
  10. Wow I thought you were gone for good...
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