A 2-week call

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  1. With all the bears around here whining I thought I would share what my models are showing:

    Breakout to the upside on volume in the next 2 weeks.(i.e. a move greater than 5% on the S&P over 3 sessions)

    No polls, no banter, just wanted to post that so there was a nice, public record.

    That is all.

    -The Management
  2. S2007S


    Then what?
  3. ?....window dressing? End-of-the-month and end-of-the-quarter buying? :confused:
  4. What does it matter? Based on the here-and-now, we go back down a bit, then go higher. There's money to make on both-sides of the move. Trade accordingly.
  5. It's because of the golden rule: he who has the money, makes the rules. Pick up the crumbs from the big algos, don't tell them they're wrong. The only winners that don't have size these days are arbs that know what they can do, and what they can't.
  6. Hi Guys.
  7. breakout in volume, and a move to the upside, god damn, that will break up the correlation
  8. We're looking for bullish trend early next week to cap the 2-week call.

    Trade accordingly.
  9. Don't forget about me pikers. =)
  10. Today's price-action concludes this call.
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