a 134k / or 1.34 Mio. $ gamble

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  1. JamesJ


    instead of going to vegas and gamble, one may look at this play.


    10k BAC @ 4.10
    10k C @ 2.6
    10k DRYS @ 3.7
    10k LVS @ 3

    total: 134'000 $

    even if only one of them doesn't fail and comes back the overall portfolio is soon positive...
    however they are big time correlated, especially the 2 banks... assume they both fail and drys makes it once again back up to 15+ -> still win..
    or banks survive and the other two on the brink of bankrupty fail -> still win...
    however when all fails -> almost all lost...
    and if markets recover this collection will soon be worth 500k/5 mio ++

    it's a gamble but still better than playing roulette...

    sort of tempting, but i stick to what i do and works... but somehow... hm...
    maybe 13.4k...
  2. Well, in Vegas, if you lose 134k, you still get drinks and probably some comp.
  3. bidask


    the drinks in vegas are not really free because you are expected to tip the waitress $1. this means every drink costs $1.
  4. dude, you are cheap.

  5. JamesJ


    ok, that bet would cost 13k/130k/1.3 mio now.

    i will write here before entering a trade in case i gamble a bit...
  6. ... and some ass. :D
  7. Don't forget one of these

  8. And here I thought your SN had something to do with trading. Silly me. :p
  9. No that would be long&stiff. :D
  10. bidask


    lol $1 is a good price for alcoholic drinks, but if you're just getting a coke the $1 is expensive because they give you a small glass. haha :D

    anyway, i hope you know the reason they offer free alcohol is to get you drunk so that you'll make dumb decisions on the tables.

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