A 10 year traders mantra in crazy markets

Discussion in 'Trading' started by buylo, Jan 23, 2008.

  1. buylo


    Just want to spit some suggestions out there for trading these voly markets in the 10 year:

    Been getting my nuts whacked trading regular size and trying to get my head back on, soooo........

    1) Since we are all glued to the equities, I've been trying time my entries with levels and retracements in the 10 yr with those in the SPUs.

    2) Volatility does not equal profits. It's really OK to miss a move.

    3) Timing again. If you're used to a 1 or 2 full tic entry, it might have turned into a 3 full tic, noisy entry. With full size the noise might hurt. Trading smaller, but I am trying not to get trivial with my entries (oh it's only small size, I can let it run against me).

    4) Usually like to hang on to stuff for a couple hours. Trying to take smaller tic profits.

    Good Trading!