_Why do we even need the insurance companies?

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  1. What constructive role are they playing? They’re taking tens of billions of dollars each year and putting that into profits when that should have been going into healthcare.
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    Hell yeah, the Cubans don't have any capitalist bastard insurance companies.. of course a hospital there looks like a homeless shelter here but hey...

    I had friends that grew up in Russia, they told me of people that had operations and were just pushed out with the bandages still bloody... you brainless nobodies that have not read, not asked, not traveled are completely devoid of reason and wisdom... other than that you're really fine people... and why do we always have a handful of assclown marxists screwing up these boards?
  3. And we have a winner. Just when you think you've seen it all, along comes a nitwit like you to demonstrate that stupidity knows no bounds.
  4. It is obvious that Captain Obvious and Maxpi own a piece of the insurance pie and walter4 doesn't.

    But the writing is on the wall judging by their stock prices and that their (insurance company) slice of the pie will be smaller in the future, although the overall health care money will increase.
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    Insurance companies are middle men. And middle men can always be cut out, at least in theory. When middle men cease to be more constructive than destructive to their clients (and the health insurance companies absolutely have become more destructive), they should be eliminated. That's what's really at stake here: the parasitic HICs are fighting the American people for survival.
  6. Why do the oil companies fight against the development of alternative energy?

    Why does Wall Street fight against full disclosure and proper regulation?

    For the same reason the insurance companies are fighting against the public option or single payer option...
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    I'm speaking slower here, using little words... lean closer please.... people have tried this half assed Marxist stuff all over the world.. it never worked /works anywhere...

    Private insurance companies take your premiums and invest them, they put that money to work in the private sector, they create jobs with it... how is it that we have such advanced medical care in the US? Our money is used to develop new technologies... What were they doing behind the Iron Curtain in the way of medical advancements.. hmmm I recall Romanians were storing food in pyramid shaped cartons because the energy would enhance it.. the Chinese were doing Tai Chi every morning... yup, with no money to play with that's where things go...

    I guess there are stories about people getting cancelled right when they need the insurance... because they lied on the applications!!! Ok, they shouldn't make up things to save money on premiums but if the Democrats really had a pair they would just regulate these companies, tell them they had three months to find out if there were lies on the applications and cancel.. I'd like that.. but no... they have to use that as an excuse for a huge power grab... They are ruthless liars in acquiring power and weak in the face of evil... and insurance companies that wait until you need coverage to cancel you are evil...

    As far as Mexicans horning in our healthcare, I hate that shit... if somebody is here from another country and they can't get healthcare there, give them an AK-47 and a thousand rounds and send them home with instructions not to come back until they have fixed their own damned culture instead of sucking the life out of ours....

    I can predict exactly where this health care reform is going.. it will be the same as the income tax code reform.. it's a chance to hit the reset button and collect a lot of "campaign contributions" in exchange for political favors.. read the tax codes sometime, just open to any page and start reading.. it's thousands of pages of special tax breaks for almost anybody that wants one... this bill will be huge, no legislators will read it because they know what it really is and they will know that they got their little piece of the pie and it's all good...
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    An insurance salesman.....

    An apologist for the insurance industry......
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    Maxpi is clearly an idiot if he thinks the health insurance companies have anything to do with medical advances.

    It's unsurprising that he'd get on his knee-jerk anti-Marxist tirade.

    The truth is that insurance companies come in two varieties: symbiotic and parasitic.

    Symbiotic insurance companies are great; they are pillars of the community.

    Parasitic insurance companies, and HICs (health insurance companies) have definitely become the parasitic variety, should be exterminated like any other parasites. They are no better than fleas, ticks, lice, mosquitoes, leeches or vampire bats. They can't go to hell a day too soon.

    What maxpi and his ilk doesn't understand is that there is no justification whatsoever for accepting payment for a service (e.g., HIC premiums) and then refusing to render that service (paying medical and hospital bills). The fact that maxpi doesn't even think about this parasitism shows exactly how morally and intellectually bankrupt the apologists for the HICs are.

    We need a single-payer health care system and it's trivially simple: Medicare For All. The basic structure is already in place. We just need to fund it and the HICs will go the way of the dodo bird. Good riddance.

  10. They give someone for the scumbag lawyers to sue.
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