_____ Full Tilt Gets Slammed ________

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  1. lwlee


    This thing has been ongoing for more than a year. Full Tilt was done long ago. Smart play on Pokerstars' part to work with DOJ and acquire FT assets. They probably got assurances that online poker will be legalized at some point. PS will definitely dominate.

    Nice thing is that some players with hefty bankrolls with get their money back. I know that there was at least one player with over a million stuck on the site.

    Thanks for posting the article. That's a great update on Daniel "jungleman" Cates. This guy is the equivalent of a trader who has made it. The guy worked his way from nothing to millions in poker earnings.
  2. People still play online poker and expect to make money?
  3. hitnrun


    phil ivey worked his way up all the same , blue collar to millionaire

    the early days he slept under the boardwalk in atlantic city trying to make it work

    he never gave up & has become one of the best players in poker