9th Circuit sides with Bush on renditions

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  1. Looks like unicorn futures just took another beating, as hope and change inventories are at an all time low:

    "The U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has narrowly sided with the CIA in a high-profile case on the agency's controversial program of extraordinary renditions. The program, begun by the Bush administration and continued under Obama, has seen the CIA apprehend suspected terrorists and then, rather then turning them in to local enforcement or sending them to the U.S., ship them to a third country to be interrogated under torture. In this case, the American Civil Liberties Union, representing five such detainees, sued not the CIA but Jeppesen Dataplan Inc, a Boeing subsidiary they say illegaly transmitted detainees on behalf of the CIA program. Here are the details, the implications, and what people have to say about the case."

  2. It's a shame the author is a liar.

    The rendition program started under the Clinton administration, not Bush.
  3. Ricter


    According to the wiki, it started in the 80's.
  4. Tom B

    Tom B

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    Ok, please present a better source on the origins of ext. renditions in the US.