99 red balloons go bye

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  1. what is going on ... the US is surprising!!

    barack HUSSEIN obama and his lieutenants are at it again !!

    I want the truth!!

    Are people going to buy stuff when the stimulus is gone?

    How many jobs have really been created? Forget about how many jobs have been saved! << how do you calculate that other than arbitrarily?

    Flipping forex positions every 1/2 day to make some sense and money in this unorderly market!!

    Lets Go!! Lets rip this dollar down since it will be obvious that the treasury is going to need to print more money!!

    I want to buy the US at a discount!

    ok I got that out of my system :D

    Got any good Ideas?

    I got the USDCAD long ... its going to the weak channel resistance at 1.0880, I mean why not :D

    Other than that I am just scalping :(
  2. Looking at the fundamental of foreign currencies, import and export have a significant impact of GDP and unemployment. Exporting Countries could not afford to have their export and employment reduced by stronger local currency, especially in THIS recovery period which is highly crucial.

    USD will further stengthen in the long run as Central Banks continue to carry out their operations to protect their economy.

  3. gaffled


    Where did that Obama comment come from?