99.5% fail because trading is too simple, easy, and too boring

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  1. good trading so easy and so boring that people fill their NEED for excitement and ego involvement with:

    fundemental analysis
    technical analysis
    indicators of various sorts
    changing brokers repeatedly
    changing trade software repeatedly
    changing strategies repeatedly
    changing monitering parameters repeatedly
    making forcasts and predictions

    good trading (following the ancient principals of good investing) feels like taking a nap all day long.......but most people can't handle that counterintuitive fact because all their life they are told that they have to be right, they need to work hard, they need to beat themselves up to deserve their sucess, they should never give up and double down by working harder etc...............all the convential wisdom fail you........you know you're a good trader when trading feels like sleeping on the beach all day long.
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    Yeah, trading for me is pretty boring. The only exciting part is when I get to go to The Home Depot and buy a bigger rake. To sweep in all that cash...:p
  4. I agree...swing trading has worked well for me
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    I really don't think you're going to get to much dissention on this one chewie.

    Ok, the secret is out. :p

  6. If it were so easy and boring, any joe blo could spend an hour playing around with a backtester and find a working set of rules.

    Too bad that aint the case.

    In fact, 95% of money managers fail to beat the market over a 10 year period.

    More proof its so boring and easy. Right?

    Give me a break. These posts are ridiculous. Trading is one of the most difficult challenges anyone can take up. The failure rates prove it.
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    i think scalping is the easiest. just trade a high volume stock and make bets in the direction of trend. getting in and out. trade 2000-3000share lots. It wont make me an overnight millionaire, but serves well.
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  9. I would add to your list......

    > Spending time on trading forums posting how easy it is to trade........ :D
  10. Most fund managers cannot beat the market over a decade because their strategies are static, and the market is dynamic.

    Most fund managers cannot beat the market over a decade because the money they manage is like steering the titanic, compared to our speedboats.

    Most fund managers cannot beat the market because their investors cannot tolerate a drawdown and pull funds so they are taking a parabolic loss of capital, which makes it very hard to come back.

    Most fund managers cannot beat the market because they are aware of the fact that if they start taking losses, the capital loss will be parabolic, and this will affect their emotions, which in turn affects decision making ability.

    Beating the market is easy. Managing funds?

    Good luck with that.

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