95k shares of fnm @ 0.67

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by krazykarl, Aug 24, 2009.

  1. I heard new that FNM is going to pay off it's bailout. Anyone else have a price target?

    Also that price is my mean. Bought in several blocks.
  2. 1) $1,000/share AND a 20-for-1 split.
    2) Substitute "GOOG" for "FNM" when you discuss the position with family and friends. :cool:
  3. CET


    I believe they just needed another $10B from the gov. after their last earnings. The hedge funds are running these low priced stocks, and someone will not have a chair when the music stops.

    Also, everyone really believes you bought at 0.67. :eek:
  4. This was a total gamble, but I figured that the govt. would backstop the GSEs. Seriously I thought I would have more enjoyment flushing the money down the toilet when I placed the orders.

    I'm going to sell 20% of the position tomorrow at the open.
  5. weezer


    This is a scary one. bought 10k @1.16 Friday and sold it @1.76 today….I was very happy to sell it…be careful !
  6. sold about 30% of the initial lot. Avg price no is around 0.80.