95% World Inventions are British

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  1. English is the universal language. There cannot be world trade and commerce without universal language.

    I think majority of Americans speak "slang English language". This is wrong.
  2. The majority of the world speak american version of English.
  3. it`s true!most of them resided in the european territory.
  4. Without inventions there would be no scientific achievements. Inventions come first. Simple fact. :p
  5. It wasn`t "invented" in the first place.Jews were handed down the manuscript notes with all the information now available to anyone,by "extraterrestrials".Nostradamus,Tesla etc.. was never the prophets,but had the access to that kind of information.
  6. Did China invent the Gun powder? I doubt this.
  7. it was the only page of the manuscrpit note drunk Jew accidently droped somewhere in the Yellow sea bay:D :D
  8. what a life!:p
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