95% of weight losers gain back, just like traders lose--solution

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by Immortal, Oct 12, 2008.

  1. Immortal


    I lost almost 34 lb after many years of struggling. I lost it when I said Enough Is enough.

    The line has to be drawn here

    This far and no further

    Just like in trading and losing weight. Until you decide that enough is enough in terms of loses and mediocrity you won't become a worthwhile trader. I suppose the reason so many fail is because so many never reach that bottom pit, where enough is enough.
  2. caroy


    Is this similar to you have to hit rock bottom in certain areas where you realize the change is critical for survival. In my own trading as a volatility seller it took me two near blow outs to realize if I just honor my own exit rules it would be a lot easier.

    I now find that my partner and I split the portfolios. I trade the grains and he trades the softs. We then manage eachothers trades to exit following our rules. Not having an emotional attachment makes it much easier.