95% of Traders don\'t lose, 99% is the real #

Discussion in 'Trading' started by metalsTr, Dec 26, 2007.

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    Hello I am a new trader, I am convinced that 99% lose, because trading requires out of box thinking right. Yet on this web site if someone shows up with out of box thinking, they are flamed and leave.
    Reading these posts on ET, I am sure 99% lose.

    Just my two Cents. :cool:
  2. As a "new trader" you really ought to lose the "I am convinced blah blah blah" charade because you dont know anything at this point. Keep an open mind. Thinking like this "99% lose" will guarentee that you will be one of the losers. This is how it goes in this game.

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    What I kind of like to do is follow quietly some posters here, but what is funny and annoying is when people thank the mod for erasing someone\'s posts as if the mod is authority on what works in trading.

    Just my two cents.
  4. No,

    Its mainly a matter of lasting long enough to learn the profession. Clearly some people have the knack for it, and some do not. Most traders try to train themselves, and simply run out of money before they become halfway consistent. Even with training, it takes awhile to learn, sometimes years, just as any other difficult profession would.

    Trading does go contrary to human instinct however, so given a hunk of money with no knowledge, I'd say your 99% number is about correct.

    Given training and adequate capital, I'd put the numbers closer to 50%. How many people here do you think have this? Not many. How many Goldy trainees succeed? Just about all of em. They can go home and trade from their bedroom, and they'd still make money.
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    Can I ask you, since you've been here since 2002, do you think people on ET ever will find out that moderators, even those working for years are losing traders
  6. Exactly Right. If you say or do something that goes against conventional wisdom you will catch heat for it. That almost ensures you are on to something!

  7. The mods that run ET are not making money trading at all. In fact, many of them lose money consistently.
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    I agree, but they still moderate as if they know who should talk and who shouldn\'t, already two posters that I wanted quietly to follow mods erased.
  9. Interesting observation. But I think it's important to keep in mind that, just because an idea sounds foolish, it doesn't necessarily mean that it isn't.
  10. You mean like having stops 26x the size of your limits? :eek:
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