94.1 pp for november...Fed rate hike ideas?

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  1. ( DJ ) 11/30 10:00AM DJ Table Of Data From US Chicago Purch Managers' Report
    Seasonally Adj. Indexes

    Nov. Oct. Sep. Aug. July June
    Business Index 61.7 62.9 60.5 49.2 63.5 53.6
    Production 63.8 68.3 62.4 56.2 70.5 57.8
    New Orders 61.6 72.6 63.4 46.5 69.6 56.5
    Order Backlog 62.0 56.9 54.3 45.7 56.1 45.3
    Inventories 54.4 51.7 52.3 60.3 56.4 50.9
    Employment 50.3 51.3 48.4 51.7 56.1 48.9
    Supplier Deliveries 64.2 63.6 57.4 48.7 49.6 48.5
    Prices Paid 94.1 79.6 76.3 62.9 61.3 59.7

    Corrected November 30, 2005 10:16 ET (15:16 GMT)
    (END) Dow Jones Newswires
    11-30-05 1000ET
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  2. of course they are going to raise another .25 , and after that another .25. wait to see what happens after march instead. Long bond yields MUST rise.
  3. Stop wasting your time with "fundamental" numbers and just focus on the Fed Funds Contract instead.
  4. No worries..

    this market never met a rate hike it didn't like!!

  5. Fed should be increasing by .50 if he was serious about inflation.
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    I listened to Alan Greenspan today. As you know, Al is going to retire soon. The good part about that news is maybe, just maybe he can tell us the truth about how the picture looks.

    Well, today he said the picture pertaining to the twin deficits is not a masterpiece in the making, actually it is kinda nasty.

    The question now is how much of a political lacky will "Helicopter Ben" be?

    Kind of scary to think what might happen to inflation. The last thing we need is a puppy parrot in the FED who calls up Carl Rove and asks for advice.

    "Hi Carl, Ben here, Larry Kudlow thinks rates are high enough and Stevie Forbes says we need to have less taxes also......O, Ok, inflation means we can pay all these debts off in inflated dollars so lower the snot out of the rates and call pansie treasury Sec SNOW to recommend to congress to give out another tax rebate, Ok, Carl, will do....BYE"