93.33% Accuracy and Better is Achievable with this Forex Strategy.

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  1. I'm building an automated trading machine that has the ability to adapt to wild forex market price fluctuations. I managed to develop this monster into something special. It's backtested over data from 2016 up until today 2019.

    My plan with this thread is to test different markets and post the results here. I am looking for a partner that has some capital and wants to partner up and make some serious pips. This is a strategy that I created and coded into Pine Script.

    EURUSD, H1 Broker/Oanda
    Feel free to ask questions..
  2. Be careful, pine script (trading view) is buggy for backtests, or at least it was last year. Good luck, following the thread.
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  3. S2007S


    Why would you need to partner up with someone who has capital, if it's 93.33% accurate why not just use your own capital to make free money and build the automated machine yourself....
    And If it's this accurate why not just sell the software and make everyone rich.
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  4. drm7


    Don't forget to add a tick or two of slippage to every trade.

    93% wins and you will own the world in 5 years, even with a small capital base.

    Take the strategy to Oanda and trade it. You can trade $1 notional amount if you want.
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  5. I am making money with it and I don't need help building it, I said "I'm building it".. But lets do some basic math. More $$$ = even more $$$ and if I can share with someone who is as invested in this as I am then I can trust they won't give away my trade secrets. Understood?
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    How long did it take you to discover you're a pathological liar? Also if anyone cared to look the Sharpe on this strategy is 0.205, so expect it to absolutely explode in one bad down move. It overlevered relative to risk which isn't unusual for these "holy grail" strategies. The data is clearly overfitted and OP screwed with knobs until it fit historical. The least you could do is feed the Sharpe into your optimizer.

    Post actual return sheets y/y for the last 5 years. You probably fucked up backtesting. But of course, more likely is that you will tell me I'm full of shit and clearly a terrible trader that is missing out on this once in a lifetime opportunity to throw my money into a nuclear powered paper shredder.
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  7. I like to add a 3 tick slippage..
  8. maxinger


    I did that before and this was what happened.

    win 5 ticks
    win 3 ticks
    win 4 ticks
    win 2 ticks
    win 3 ticks
    win 3 ticks
    win 1 tick
    win 2 ticks
    win 1 tick
    lose 100 ticks

    don't aim for high accuracy.
    aim for about 60% accuracy.

    focusing on high accuracy is not the way to achieve financial freedom.
  9. I find it to be pretty accurate and so does about 5mil other users.
  10. That's not how this works. I aim for that set & forget money. 100% adaptive to market changes so no that doesn't happen because I found a workaround that problem.
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