92% Want Obama Re-Elected...

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  1. pspr


    ...In France. Let's give him to them! :D

    An overwhelming majority, 92 percent, of people in France want to see Barack Obama reelected president of the United States, according to a survey by the Pew Research Center.

    The 21-nation survey, conducted by Pew’s Global Attitudes Project from Mar. 17 to Apr. 20, found that “despite disappointment with Obama’s policies, there is still considerable support for his reelection in many countries, especially in Europe.”

    In the telephone and face-to-face survey, respondents were asked, “Would you like U.S. President Barack Obama reelected or not?” Among the results were the following:

    YES to Reelection

    Britain 73%

    France 92%

    Germany 89%

    Spain 71%

    Italy 69%

    Czech Republic 67%

  2. jem


    would we prefer a strong well financed,well armed china or a weak apologetic china.
  3. I'd really like to know who China supports or Iran or Russia or any ME countries.

    Of course the gurly countries want Obama.
  4. Of course they do , how else are they going to out produce us?