92.4% of Technical Analysis....

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    Yup, that, worthless, useless - technical analysis.

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  2. A 300 pt gap down gonna ruin him? That's like 1.2%. Must have gone bonkers on the leverage without a stop. Tsk, tsk.
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  3. I thought I was watching a video of my self when I was 22 trading on IB.....nightmare!
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    I recall from the hour-long version of this, that there was one screenshot that revealed the TWS "SIMULATION" banner across the top of the screen, and that it was a total fraud, for no more than ego -- i.e., "How much of an audience reaction can I generate?" This 7minute version is but a nibble. Still, the fact that we can all identify with it, means.... we've all been at least in the neighborhood, if not eaten at the same bitter café. "Religious Trading: when you pray to God, 'PLEASE get me out of this -- I'll never trade againnnnnn!"
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    I remember the longer version but not that it was simulated. Funny way to get an ego boost...

    Either way it's a good reminder of the importance of risk management. This was the Kerviel crash on MLK 2008, big gap down after a weekend, even if this guy's losses weren't real there were likely many traders who blew out that day.
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    long version:

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    Wolf of Wallstreet (?)

    And the previous guy in rage, hmmnn...


    All in

    reminds me, of me, when i couldn't understood, why , i should not invest, like more than 10% overall portfolio, to p2p platform ( small one ) ;
    i thought i will go all in, this is some nonsense 10% rule/advice, and then youtube recomended video

    - ,, What is Bulls and Bears''


    maybe someone knows, why , sometimes, i can't neither edit or delete my post ? ( i just don't see those as options beneath it )
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  9. Overnight


    He still has the vehicle he's sitting in, plus his phone, plus his phone service. Sell it all!

    I call BS.

    He ain't homeless, so what is his problem? Seriously?

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