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  1. Anybody else find it a little odd that the ES futures may put in a 4:15 911 close on the eave of the anniversary???????????????

    Thats some weird ish!
  2. Bin Laden must have been responsible for that rally in the last 15 minutes!
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    Didn't even notice that. Wierd.
  4. F#ck if I know what that is all about, but the official close of the ES mini was 911x911.25

    That is some strange shit...
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    I wonder who bumped it a 1/4 the last second? My short the last hour below the LOD was painfully stopped out due to the quick reversal to new highs. Luckily caught some of the first 10 point rally to end at -3 ES.

  6. GEESH!!! This universe is rigged!

    Sick pit humor?
  7. If you look at time and sales its even more unusual. For the last 15 minutes, the ES was close to 911 and then toward the end of the session it was locked on 911.00 x 911.25. Not an accident. It was some kind of message. Sometimes the pit is like that. Everyone basically knew what they were supposed to bid at end.
  8. mike s

    mike s


    I don't think of it as weird or sick humor at all.

    It struck me as a poignant commerative.
  9. In that case, they should have told us all this morning that they were planning this commerative. It would have been a profitable way getting there.
  10. mike s

    mike s

    I was long right up close to the end.

    Weren't you?
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