911 - We Will Never Forget

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  1. I can't believe that it has been 8 years since the worst attack on our soil and the person who was responsible for this horrific incident has not been captured or killed yet. I remember President George W. Bush standing on a pile of debris and telling the firefighters and to all of us that he was going to get the person who did this; either dead or alive and now we find out that this was just one of the many lies that he told us.

    Thousands of people died on that day and there are still many of the people (Republiclowns) that would rather have a tax cut than make a sacrifice while we are at war. The thing that makes me sick was that the previous administration was willing to use 911 to further their own causes. As Tom Ridge mentioned in his book, he was pressured by the Bush administration to increase the terror threat level during the elections. This is disgusting as hell.

    Dr. Rice sent a memo to the president saying that there was evidence that Bin Laden was ready to attack, but the president did not bother to read it or act on it because he was on vacation.

    Honorable Pat Tillman gave up NFL, fame, money and his life to fight against Al-Quida and the terrorists but he gets sent to Iraq because Saddam Hussein wasn't supplying oil to Bush's friends. Bin Laden wanted the US soilders and the military bases out of Saudi Arabia and after 911 the Bush administration removed them from Saudi Arabia. Bush basically gave Bin Laden what he wanted.

    I am thankful to GOD that we now have a president that cares and has kept us safe from the terrorists. Thank-you President Obama.

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    Just an aside, but was 9/11 worse than Pearl Harbor?
  3. Not sure....but 911 is the worst in my life-time. Maybe someone who saw Pearl Harbor can tell us.
  4. Pearl Harbor didn't happen in the United States.
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    Technically true. But I left location out of my question.
  6. What part of it don't you understand? Pearl Harbor happened outside of the United States and it was strickly against a military target. 9/11 happened in the US against a civilian unarmed target.
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    Anyway, emini, before the excited derail your thread... I agree, we will never forget.
  8. The Limp Left always talked about sacrifice....Yet Bush was saying to continue to live as we were...keep shopping and it pulled the economy out of its post 9/11 slump. This turned out to be good advice...Obama should make the same plea now if he had the courage.

    The threat level was never raised at election time. Elections around the world have been targets of terrorist. The terror level should have been raised for a major election, I would guess that the Bush administration did not raise it to avoid making it a political issue.
  9. Yeah...we just had the worst attack on our soil and the solution was to go shopping....so how much did you spend on your shopping spree after 911? Do you go shopping when your family member dies (or is killed as an innocent by-stander) too?

    Regarding threat level, you may want to read Tom Ridge's book. I'm sure you did not notice it yourself.
  10. I'm not sure if I understand this correctly.
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