911, London Terror - Some Folks Getting Rich off of Terror

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by yeayo, Jul 13, 2005.

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    What a coincidence, right before 911 and the London attacks the markets are moving down as shorts are being accumulated and then right after the attacks massive short covering - profit taking.
    Inside information never stays inside - its just worth too much. That kind of info is worth Billions, and I doubt even to most hard core terrorist would just walk away from that kind of money. And how would they even get caught?
  2. I'm not into conspiracy theories but I distinctly remember the hour before september 11th the airline stocks were getting leaned on big time by somebody.
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    I shorted the pound futures real hard the other day when i heard of the london bombings about 4am or so central time. Deep down I know it is shitty to be profiting off of others people extreme loss, but I am greedy like most of the earth and I take what news comes to me and trade accordingly and try to do the best I can.
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    Exactly, I remember an investigation into the short sales in the airline stocks, but I recall the sales happening several days before.
    I don't think its a conspiracy theory. Information arb. or inside info. is the most real and hard core edge you can have in the markets. Ane the markets move based on the aggresiveness/conviction of buyers/sellers based on the info they have.
    Some beleive that markets move based on fundementals/technicals...whatever you can spin the fundemental/technical story anyway you want any day you want (just read the business press).
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    If you know an attack is coming and you don't notify the authorities than that's wrong/unethical. But if your the first trader to read the headlines and you liquidate all of your longs and put on some shorts then its perfectly fine to profit off other people's fears and emotions cause that's really the only way to make money in the market.
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    Exactly. And then use that money to "command the labor of those less fortunate than yourself"!

  7. So what is your point? Oh, wait...you must be one of the crying, bitchy, disillusioned Democrats who think that the Iraq war was started just so Haliburton could get some contracts.

    Maybe if the Dems put someone worth voting for on the ticket, then Bush wouldn't still be in office.
  8. The rich elite make humongous profits in wars and always have. Do they help start them? I definitely think so.

    Very true.
  9. Yeah but maybe it’s a Republican country right now. The religious right has taken over. The Republicans know you can’t win because a few rich people vote for you. They need a cause and its now Fags and Abortion. The old cause was keeping black people down. Republicans rally on hatred for people different then them. People came to America for freedom. Republicans believe doing stuff that they don’t approve of is against there freedom. The clan use to be Republican too.The sad thing is you can understand why the terrorist hate us. I really don’t approve of what my country does. The problem is if you say that then it comes down to you don’t support the troops. I hate the rich that make the wars but I don’t hate the poor fighting the war.
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