911 investigation

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  1. Our nation spent more tax money conducting Ken Starr's investigation of President Bill Clinton's affair with intern Monica Lewinsky, than they did in the investigation of the September 11th 2001 attacks on the United States.
  2. not surprising really

    The US gov. can do anything they want, their citizens are too fat, lazy and stupid to do anything about it.

    Happy 4th of July
  3. sep 10th 2001 rumsfeld says on national tv "we cannot account for 2.3 trillion dollars at pentagon"

    sep 11th 2001 pentagon's west wing where financial departments were located is destroyed by "terrorists"
  4. Had Clinton admitted it from the beginning there would be a much smaller investigation. Remember, it was many months before they found the blue dress, then had to DNA it.

    But Clinton decided not to tell the truth because he knew his way out was not innocence but to attack Starr. And Clinton knew he needed months to mount his campaign against Starr. A campaign that was very successful.

    In the end it was Starr not Clinton who was portrayed as a obsessive perverted prosecutor.
    And for Clinton the public verdict is that it was about only about "sex" and should be private even though she was an employee.

    Had Clinton had morals he should have resigned and let Gore take over, No way would have Bush beaten a sitting Gore.

    Clinton really did a number on the demcratic party from 1992 -2000...Lost the congress after 40 years, loss many governerships, loss 2000 election with a great economy
  5. That sounds kinda painful, somehow.
  6. Damnit, I just KNEW Rumsfeld had a cushy retirement plan!

    2.3 TRILLION!! He's the richest man on earth!