911: different documentaries

Discussion in 'Politics' started by man, Oct 3, 2006.

  1. man


    high everyone. i saw this documentary


    and found it convincing. yet i am aware that you can easily get
    into believing in something when it is well done and you watch
    for an hour and a half. this is one IS well done ...

    i want to balance out my view on this by finding a documentary
    that is on the other side, yet adresses the issues raised herein.
    i still find it hard to believe that such a hoax would be possible
    within a developed media-driven democracy in front of live-cameras
    all over the world.

    i guess this is thread 500 on the topic. i am just too lazy to find
    a relevant and professional documentary on my own and there
    is so much crap on this out there.

    thnx for your help.