91% approve SOTU AND Obama?

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  1. This just seen on TV. Of course it came from the MSM, the people who are catering to the main stream Americans. Yes, I guess they're biased towards Obama, but as mentioned in other threads, they are profit making corporations, catering to the majority.

    Side note, I'm not sure I buy this in it's entirety, but interesting nonetheless.

    91% Approval. 9% Disapproval

    I am seriously surprised by this.


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  3. OK, fair enough. MSM or Rupert Murdoch's team. I seriously doubt both, really. I give it a personal 80% about a b- or so.

  4. Obama's '8th grade reading level' SOTU address: By the numbers
    Tuesday's State of the Union had one of the lowest reading comprehension levels in decades. Did the president dumb things down too much?

    File this under ; "There ya go."...:D
  5. I get that, and to be honest, based on what I read and hear, we may have to go down a grade or two for both sides. People are applauding and hating things they just don't understand. They follow a talking point or radio host or whatever, and it's just like rooting for a sports team based on the color of their t-shirts. RA RA for my team, or whatever.

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    Yeah, those evil over achievers and tax payers.
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    Since it was a campaign speech and not really a SOTU for Congress it had to be dumbed down for the commoners to understand. Viewership was down 12% from last year, though. I won't give Obama a grade since I think everyone here can guess what it would be.
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    Being a liberal, doesn't BO get a gold star just for showing up? :)
  10. Yes, but now he needs a vacation.
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