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  1. can someone make a chart and show what people saw at 9000? Jesse J. and marketsurfer both had 9000 for a target. ES also divebombed, starting around 2:30 today. someone explain what happened.
  2. Millenial number coinciding with the most overbought readings in 5 years. Profit taking.

    Nasdaq also hit the 50% retracement (1604) of 02 high to low.

    Rumour of SARS in WHite House, but as usual, people rush to find an explanation for market's activities.
  3. yeah, that annoys me. i can't stand listening to market news after the close when people explain why everything happened.

    my reason for starting this thread is to find out the reasons people had 9000 has a target area before it actually turned out to be a good one.

    for example, marketsurfer said he exited his longs around 9000 before it divebombed. i'm interesting in knowing why he exited there.
  4. Because it is a big round number. Mob mentalitity...
  5. He wanted to bag the profits, and stuck to his analysis.

    Maybe 9200 will be next, who knows?