$9000 tax relief for bailout.

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  1. i'm just a monkey with mouth who believes as a tax payer whose contributions have been invested on my behalf under the USA's new nationalized and mandatory 401K program I am entitled to claim deductions and credits.

    These funds normally would be invested using pretax dollars but since under the governments new martial law financial systems I do not have control nor the ability to manage or liquidate my position. Therefore these investments would qualify as a tax deferred retirement investment. I believe I am entitled to both tax credits in an amount that would equate to an equavalent pre-tax contribution.

    In addition I believe I am entitled to report a loss of the entire amount as there is absolutely no possible way I can derive a direct benefit.

    Therefore, All americans should include on their schedule D's
    A reasonable estimate of the proportional loss we are incurring.

    $900B / 300M = $3000 per person

    I believe we all are also entitled to report a casualty loss by theft of these investments. Its pretty well documents. Another $3000.

    Finally I believe we are all entitled to take a tax credit as no doubt a reasonable person or business would have structured the use of pre-tax dollars for this type of a long term investment.

    I'm claiming a tax credit of $3000.

    I also believe this may qualify as a charitable contribution as no doubt thats what it is...

    Therefore in round numbers... Everyone is entitled to reduce their 2008 tax liabilties with a $3000 credit and $9000 worth of additional deductions.

    If there are any geniously creative attorneys and tax accountants who can boilerplate the above so it can be photocopies with a memorandum of law in support of the positions i believe a moral majority would rely on such documentation when preparing their tax returns.

    Better than the Tea Party in Boston a couple hundred years ago.

    Even if a paultry 10% of the tax payers subscribe to such filing. The Fed's would have a lot of prisons to build to house us ;)

    What's the real difference between hitting our tax dough or just printing more paper and doing this deal silently behind close doors. In the end its all vapor... phantom make believe amounts anyways...
  2. Out of 300 million citizens, probably only about 40 million actually pay federal taxes, or

    So, you can ratchet that up 7.5 times, or to $67,500 per taxpayer.

    After all, that's what the CONSERVATIVE estimates will have the taxpayers paying.
  3. I'll support it if you go first :D