90% winrate

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  1. Hello,

    i decided to do a life trades call thread, where i post all trades, i can find with my strategies.

    I try to give my best and follow my rules to 100%.

    This is especially for "Atticus" "Ammo" "frankmaltagliat" and
    "Laissez Faire" - i think you guys are great.

    I am proud to say that i stopped any kind of drugs and only drink sometimes alcohol and smoke selfrolled good smelling shags tobacco.

    I think i make 10 or 20 trades. I will see.

    Today is thursday, already half day gone, maybe i can find a daytrade for today, because i dont enter trades on fridays.

    So i think, i will start from monday next week.

    And i am so sorry, for all the guys i have insulted here.

    I really have grown up now, something changed the last months.

    I promise, i wont post any stupid stuff anymore, just once this journal and i am done with this forum posting thing.


    God bless you.

    Trade you free.


    :) :) :)
  2. Trade 1 - Corn (Cbot)

    I short here now at 604.50.
    Stop is over the high at 617.50.
    Limit Exit is 562.00.
  3. I know its dangerous to enter corn before 16:30 Zürich Time, because of extreme volume and votality that comes in than from the floor traders.

    I will see what happens at 16:30 Zürich Time. If they push it to the high, i exit as quick as i can. So decision point of direction is then.

    But its nice that they have changed their trading times, so now you can enter trades almost 24hours, very good CME. Should happen on all markets.
  4. ---------------------
    This won't end well.


  5. Thats the July contract "ZCN2".
  6. Hi hedvig,

    why wont it end well.

    At least give me a try.
  7. --------------
    I was just making a 'funny.'

    I blew you a kiss in another thread; it is all good brother.


  8. onava


    r u in zurich.. ?
  9. No, but i chart with Zürich and New York Time, almost all my markets, sometimes i think i can see more this way.
  10. Hahahah

    allrighty then.:p

    Good that it tested now that 609 price, i should have waited for testing that before i enter, but you know, i often tend to enter to early and you know often it doesnt retest the support levels.

    But have a look on 12h chart, looks good for me.
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